07.06.2021 - Data quality updates to Essentials API

We have 1 feature and 1 bug fix related to data quality in Essentials API v1 and Essentials API v2 which include

Feature: Essentials API v1 and v2 now return a website URL for organizations who are required to file a 990N

We increased our data coverage in Essentials v1 and v2 to include website URLs of organizations who are required to file a 990N. The example below is for an organization that files a 990N with the apprpriate website URL returned in the response.

  "search_terms": "83-1006216"
"organization_id": "9729593",
                "bridge_id": null,
                "ein": "83-1006216",
                "organization_name": "Jahmeyka Project Inc",
                "also_known_as": "",
                "mission": "",
                "address_line_1": "PO Box 845",
                "address_line_2": "",
                "city": "Andover",
                "state": "OH",
                "zip": "44003",
                "county": "Ashtabula, OH",
                "msa": "OH - Cleveland",
                "lat_long": "41.6258,-80.5536",
                "ntee_code": "Q21 International Cultural Exchange",
                "profile_level": "NONE",
                "public_report": "",
                "subsection_code": "501(c)(3) Public Charity",
                "number_of_employees": "",
                "form_type": "",
                "website_url": "",
                "logo_url": "",
                "foundation_code": "15",
                "parent_orgs": "",
                "bmf_gross_receipts": "0",
                "bmf_assets": "0",
                "form990_total_revenue": "",
                "form990_total_expenses": "",
                "form990_total_assets": "",
                "contact_email": null,
                "contact_name": null,
                "contact_phone": null,
                "contact_title": null,
                "properties": {
                    "parent": false,
                    "subordinate": false,
                    "independent": true,
                    "national_hq": false,
                    "revoked": false,
                    "defunct_or_merged": false,
                    "audit_a133_performed": false,
                    "bmf_status": true,
                    "pub78_verified": true,
                    "allow_online_giving": true

Bug: Fix for Hyphenated Organization Name

A bug was identified that Hyphenated Organization Name's returned unexpected results. This has been fixed in Essentials API v1 and v2.

PreviousImplemented fix
Appa Association AppaAssociation of Higher Education Facilities OfficersAppa-Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers