5.19.2023 - Essentials v3 bug fix

A bug was identified in Essentials v3, when using the organization filter. The ruling year sub filter was set automatically which produced a response that would return less data than expected or NULL results that would produce a 404 or 400 error message


5.15.2023 - Demographics API released

Access demographic information about nonprofit leaders, staff, and board members.


3.27.2023 - Taxonomy GraphQL API released

Use the power of Candid's Philanthropy Classification System (PCS) taxonomy with the Taxonomy GraphQL API.


03.15.2023 - Schools API contains 2021-2022 school year data

The Schools API data set has been updated to reflect the school year of 2021-2022.


02.08.23 - Update to Organizational Demographics Data in Premier API

With the launch of Demographics via Candid, organizational demographics accessible via Premier API has received improved demographic labels. Beginning February 17, new or updated demographics data will populate in the Premier API reflecting the updates below.


01.17.2023 - GuideStar Gen 1 APIs are decommissioned on February 1st, 2023

For active users of GuideStar generation 1.0 APIs, hosted at


12.09.2022 - Essentials API v3 released

The best nonprofit search engine​ just got better.


09.30.2022 Nonprofit Eligibility API released

Verify a nonprofit’s eligibility to receive donations through mobile payment platforms.


07.19.2022 - Real-time updates with event driven architecture

Candid's APIs are now powered by an event driven architecture that provides real-time data processing on any data changes from our sources. Users can expect data updates from users of Candid’s profile to be reflected in our APIs in seconds. All IRS data sources will be loaded and processed in under 24 hours. Please see the below table for more information about our expected data processing times and a demonstration of the new capabilities.