02.09.2022 - Schools API contains 2019-2020 school year data

The Schools API data set has been updated to reflect the school year of 2019-2020.


01.03.2022 - GuideStar generation 1.0 APIs are decommissioned

For active users of GuideStar generation 1.0 APIs, hosted at


11.18.2021 - Patch fix for Premier v3

It was reported that the NTEE type in Premier v3 API changed from an 'array' value to 'null' value, unexpectedly. This change was patched and the expected response to NTEE type is below:


11.15.2021 - Candid’s New API Portal

Candid launched a new API developer portal that features API tools and solutions to help nonprofits build powerful social sector solutions. On the portal, developers will find information about Candid’s data, what they can build, and best practices on how to make the most of the data provided through the APIs.


11.15.2021 - Organizational demographics and seal claimed dates now available in Premier API v3

We have recently added two new fields to track last updated dates for profile seal holders:


08.24.2021 - News API - New product release

Access the only API on the market delivering real-time, actionable news on nonprofits, philanthropy, and the social sector that is curated by Candid from over 65,000 sources.


08.09.2021 - Charity Check PDF API has a new look

Candid's Charity Check PDF, available through Charity Check PDF API, has been updated with a fresh new look. The same valuable charitable status information you need to do your due diligence is still available.


07.06.2021 - Data quality updates to Essentials API

We have 1 feature and 1 bug fix related to data quality in Essentials API v1 and Essentials API v2 which include


04.01.2021 - Grants API - New product release

Get access to Candid's grants data via API.


05.01.2020 - Premier API v3 released!

What’s New in Premier version 3 ?