Leverage GeoNames within our APIs for locational search

Using GeoNames in our data

Some of our data uses GeoNames to identify where an organization, grant, or news article is located or geographically represents. We use this standard to understand the different levels of global geographical regions.

Which APIs include GeoNames?

Note: The Essentials API supports state, city, zip code, zip code radius, and metropolitan statistical area (MSA) for geo-related searches.

Searching with GeoNames in our APIs

To search locations using our APIs, a GeoNameID is required, available through the GeoNames website. Candid uses a subset of locations available through GeoNames that are applicable to our data.

The complete GeoNameID list is available in JSON to incorporate into your search experience.

  • JSON: Download the file “geonameids_lookup.json” from GitHub.

GeoNames Examples

These are some examples of GeoNameIDs, which can be used in query parameters labeled as geonameID, location, or the like.

2968815ParisParis, France
10001041Sub-Saharan AfricaSub-Saharan Africa
5323810AnaheimAnaheim, California