Understand the rate limits and thresholds we enforce

Below is a breakdown of the rate limits and threshold enforced based on the subscription level of the caller.

Rate limits and thresholdsFree Trial SubscriptionsPaid SubscriptionsSandbox Subscriptions
Calls per minute1048060
Quota500 callsBased on contractVaried, resets every year
Expiration30 daysBased on contractBased on contract

Free trial subscriptions

If you are testing our APIs using a free trial subscription:
• You are rate-limited to 10 calls per minute
• You have a quota of 500 calls
• You can test our APIs for 30 days, starting from the date your subscription key was issued

Please check the response code description to verify if you encountered any of these thresholds or limits. If you encounter any of these limits or thresholds and would like to upgrade your subscription, contact us using this form.

Paid subscriptions

Paid subscriptions are rate-limited to 480 calls per minute. Please review your contracting details for the number of calls your subscription allows. We do not place a hard limit on your quota, but you may incur overage charges if you surpass your contracted amount.

Sandbox subscriptions

Sandbox subscriptions are rate-limited to 60 calls per minute. This subscription type is only available under certain circumstances written in your contract. Sandbox subscriptions can only be used for development purposes, and they should never be used in a production environment. The sandbox subscriptions have a quota, which varies by API, and will reset every year.