Candid's APIs provide access to comprehensive, high-quality information about nonprofits. This site is a resource for developers to discover, learn, test, and get support for Candid APIs.

Welcome to Candid's developer portal! Candid has a wide array of APIs for you to get the information you need to do good.

Candid's APIs are versatile and complement the information you can find in our other products like, Foundation Directory, and Foundation Maps.

Candid's APIs are also used in our special topic pages, like our COVID-19 philanthropic response page and Racial Equity page, so you can stay up to date, in real time, on what matters most.

Whether you are building a platform supporting the social sector, integrating data to streamline the grantmaking lifecycle, or curating trending topics in the philanthropic community, Candid's APIs can help.

To learn more about how you can get started, continue reading and exploring our developer portal! If you have any feedback, please share with us here: Feedback

How the API docs are organized

Documentation section

This includes specific details on our API platform, covering broad topics such as getting API access, authentication & account management, status and error codes, rate limits and thresholds, security, and more.

Endpoint definitions section

Individual API endpoint definitions are arranged by category. Each API definition contains detailed information on API requests, responses, statuses, and more.

Nonprofit APIs

Taxonomy API

Funding APIs

News & Research API