02.07.24 - Demographics Category and Subcategory IDs added to Premier and Demographics APIs

Category And Subcategory ID fields are now available in demographic data in the Premier and Demographics APIs.

01.09.24 - Upcoming changes to Demographics Data in Premier and Demographics APIs

Beginning January 12, new subcategories will be added to organizational demographic data in the Premier and Demographics APIs.


11.10.23 - Donation page URL now available in Premier API

The field donation_page has been added to the Premier API. This field returns the link at which donations and support can be given to the organization, as shared by the nonprofit on their Candid profile.


10.17.23 - California nonprofit status data added to Charity Check API

California nonprofit status data is now available in the Charity Check API. The California endpoint can be used to check a nonprofit's status with the California Attorney General's Registry of Charitable Trusts and the California Franchise Tax Board.


8.30.2023 - Grants API bug fix

A bug with the funder_id parameter was identified in the Grants API. When the funder_key was used as the input for the funder_id parameter, it incorrectly produced an 404 error indicating that no results were found with that query.


8.29.2023 - Essentials v3 has more data and search capabilities

Essentials v3 has more data and search capabilities, including:


8.21.23 - GeoSearch and GeoChildren queries added to Taxonomy GraphQL API

Two new queries are now available in the Taxonomy API: GeoSearch and GeoChildren. These queries return codes from the GeoNames taxonomy that can be used to identify geographic information.


7.19.23 - NTEE to PCS crosswalk available in Taxonomy GraphQL API

The Taxonomy GraphQL API now includes a crosswalk from NTEE code to Candid's Philanthropy Classification System (PCS) codes. For systems currently utilizing NTEE codes, this makes it easy to find the equivalent PCS code. Both taxonomies classify the cause area of an organization, but the PCS taxonomy is periodically updated to capture emerging work in the philanthropic sector and provides a detailed hierarchy of categorization with up to four levels of granularity.


7.17.23 - Additional Demographics status message available in Demographics and Premier APIs

The demographics_status message field in the Demographics and Premier APIs has been updated to provide additional guidance. If an organization has not shared demographic information with Candid, the message will read "This organization has not provided Candid demographics data. Please encourage the nonprofit to complete their Candid profile by visiting https://www.guidestar.org/UpdateNonprofitProfile."