10.17.23 - California nonprofit status data added to Charity Check API

California nonprofit status data is now available in the Charity Check API. The California endpoint can be used to check a nonprofit's status with the California Attorney General's Registry of Charitable Trusts and the California Franchise Tax Board.

This data supports recent California regulations requiring charity fundraising platforms to ensure that nonprofits are in good standing in California in order to distribute donations to them.

A sample of the California endpoint is below, and additional details can be found in the user guide.

"code": 200,
"message": "Request was processed successfully!",
"took": 11,
"errors": [],
"data": {
      "ein": "31-1670408",
      "california_entity_id": "2044031",
      "city": "BUENA PARK", 
      "state": "CA",
         "ag_may_operate_or_solicit_in_ca": "Not Operating/Dissolved", 
         "ag_registry_status": "Never Registered - Dissolved", 
         "ag_state_charity_reg_num": "CT0182319",
         "ag_issue_date": "2012-05-08",
         "ag_last_renewal_date": null,
         "ag_status_set_date": "2012-08-21",
         "ag_as_of_date": "2023-04-19",
         "ag_source_data_conflict": true, 
         "ag_source_data_conflict_date": "2023-04-15", 
         "most_recent_ag": "2023-04-19" 
        "ftb_revocation_status": true, 
        "ftb_revocation_status_date": "2011-08-24 00:00:00.000", 
        "most_recent_ftb": "2023-04-19",
        "ftb_source_data_conflict": true, 
        "ftb_source_data_conflict_date": "2023-04-15" 

Learn more

Request access to try it out, and visit the California Endpoint user guide to learn more.