7.19.23 - NTEE to PCS crosswalk available in Taxonomy GraphQL API

The Taxonomy GraphQL API now includes a crosswalk from NTEE code to Candid's Philanthropy Classification System (PCS) codes. For systems currently utilizing NTEE codes, this makes it easy to find the equivalent PCS code. Both taxonomies classify the cause area of an organization, but the PCS taxonomy is periodically updated to capture emerging work in the philanthropic sector and provides a detailed hierarchy of categorization with up to four levels of granularity.

Within the nteeMinor query in the Taxonomy API, a new object called pcsCrosswalk is now available. This returns the PCS code and name that corresponds with the searched NTEE code, where an equivalent is available.

See an example of the new return below.

    "data": {
        "nteeMinor": {
            "data": [
                    "key": "A51",
                    "value": "Art Museums",
                    "type": "ntee_minor",
                   /*NEW*/ "pcsCrosswalk": {
                        "code": "SA070100",
                        "name": "Art museums",
                        "exact_match": true

Learn more

Request access to try it out, and visit the Taxonomy API user guides to learn more.