07.19.2022 - Real-time updates with event driven architecture

Candid's APIs are now powered by an event driven architecture that provides real-time data processing on any data changes from our sources. Users can expect data updates from users of Candid’s profile to be reflected in our APIs in seconds. All IRS data sources will be loaded and processed in under 24 hours. Please see the below table for more information about our expected data processing times and a demonstration of the new capabilities.

Data SourceData source updates​Data available in APIs​
Candid’s nonprofit profile program ​Based on user activity​Within seconds​*
IRS BMF and Pub 78​Monthly (approx.)Completed in < 24 Hours (~2 million organizations processed)
IRB BulletinWeekly​Within minutes
IRS tax returns (form 990, 990EZ, 990PF, 990N)Daily upon IRS publishWithin minutes
*less than 60 seconds, except during IRS BMF and Pub 78 loads