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ImagineCRM, a registered Salesforce Partner, built a custom integration on the Salesforce Lightning Platform to sync Candid's data to Salesforce using Candid's APIs. This interface to Candid's data is easily accessible to clients and compatible with Essentials API, Premier API, Charity Check API, and Charity Check PDF API.

Clients are able to streamline workflows, auto-populate nonprofit applications, and update key indicators for current grantees. Through this tool, our clients access Candid's data that provides the information they need to make strategic decisions.

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While collaborating with Candid and executives from lmagineCRM, a registered Salesforce Partner, we recognized a market need for an integration with Candid's APIs that would automate the accessibility of a broad range of key performance data for nonprofit organizations during the lifecycle of a grant. Using Salesforce's Lightning Platform, ImagineCRM built the Connector to resolve pain points for foundation administrators, project managers, and API end-users at all levels.

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The ImagineCRM team is built with diverse certified Salesforce professionals and business perspectives that allow us to collaborate well with our clients. As a Salesforce Registered Consulting Partner, our experience gives us an understanding of what organizations are seeking to improve because we've been in that role, which allows us to do a better job of creating your new path using Salesforce.

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