Whitelisting your website to bypass GuideStar registration

Many of Candid's APIs have a field that returns the GuideStar profile URL. You can use this to provide a link for users to access and view the basic GuideStar profile.

However, users will encounter a registration or sign in page if they click the URL from your website, preventing them from viewing the GuideStar Profile without logging in.

To remove this registration, API support can whitelist your website and allow this login to be bypassed, so your users have a seamless experience clicking from your site into the GuideStar profile.

If you need your website whitelisted, please send the following information to API Support:

  • The production website URL that will refer to the GuideStar Profile
  • All other website URLs that are used in your testing environments

API support will whitelist your website and will let you know when you can test to ensure it was appropriately set up.