Get started with News API


Access the only API on the market delivering real-time, actionable news on nonprofits, philanthropy, and the social sector, curated by Candid from over 65,000 sources.

  • Enhance your records, applications, and leads with real-time news.
  • Save time by automatically monitoring news, staff changes, and advisories.
  • Engage your users with topic and theme-based news feeds using advanced article metadata.
  • Enjoy powerful search filters including keywords, organizations, Candid’s PCS Taxonomy, sources, locations, and more.


Use cases

  • For grantmakers and grant management systems (GMS) tools:
    • Streamline due-diligence activities by easily accessing news and advisories
    • Add on to existing nonprofit records or submitted applications to provide relevant news, advisories, and staff changes to understand the impact nonprofits have on their communities. 
    • Monitor news for organizations, cause areas, locations, and populations that matter most to your programs.
  • For nonprofits and GMS grant-seeking tools:
    • Add into grant prospecting for greater context to see real-time updates from grantmakers including news on grants and RFPs.
  • For business intelligence and Client Relationship Management (CRM) systems:
    • Add onto leads, opportunities, and accounts to enrich records of prospects and customers. 
  • For landscapes, dashboards, and other insight platforms:
    • Build landscapes, dashboards, and widgets using news content to provide greater context around the organizations, subjects, and populations that matter. 
  • For developers creating news feeds, websites, or apps:  
    • Create compelling and deeply customizable news feeds and experiences.  

Data sourcing

Articles returned in the news API are curated from multiple sources, including The Global Database of Events, Language, and Tone (GDELT), web scraping, newsletters from foundations and nonprofits, and the social media feeds of more than 100,000 nonprofits. New articles may become available as frequently as every 15 minutes.

News is selected for relevance using natural language processing. Using machine learning, relevant articles are then coded to the Philanthropy Classification System and examined for mentions of grants, RFPs, staffing changes, and advisory content. Organizations, people, and geographies mentioned in each article are recognized; detected organizations are also matched to known nonprofits and foundations.

Candid has tracked over 65,000 unique news sources to date.